Due to the years of experience and expertise in Typesetting, Desktop Publishing, and Printing Production you will be able to work with confidence with our company.


We value your needs and our goal is to produce a document that you will find to be timesaving for your business.



If you are frustrated by filling out forms let us help to produce forms that will save you both time and money


After years of using the same paper forms let us develop electronic forms for your needs.


We can produce forms for all business types and business demands.

With expertise in Medical, Legal, and Real Estate.

We develop for your business

We create YOUR form for your business needs, custom forms for your business.  Utilizing your current business processes.

Our goal is to help create a clean business process

for your company or organization.

Desk Top Publishing

We take pride in satisfying your need your business practices.  We will send you the a product that you can keep and utilize and if you find that something is not quite working for your company we can take the original form and update it for a small fee.




I am an accomplished and innovative Creative Director, Art Director and Designer with over 30+ years of creative experience for a client base which includes medical, colleges, insurance, legal and non-profits.


In all my work opportunities, I have maintained a high degree of accountability.


Other areas of relevant experience include working with printing companies and fostering successful vendor relationships for print production.


As a self-starter and team player, my passion for great design and print, attention to detail, creative abilities and positive attitude will make me a valuable addition to your company.



Specialties: I possess the ability to handle multiple projects from planning, concept, design, completion and production of print media.


A thorough understanding of digital file formats (pdf, tiff, eps) from different operating systems. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite software. Advanced color management skills and the ability to work with different digital file formats with an ability to output digital files to various output devices.


Desktop Publisher, Web Designer and Photographer.  Worked in Desktop Publishing for 30+ years producing a multitude of media, from web design, to forms and 4 color productions.